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It’s our belief that if media is an afterthought to creative, someone’s not thinking. They are two sides of a coin that can’t, and shouldn’t be, separated. Especially now, when developing tech rapidly changes the media available, and new niche audiences splinter and flourish all the time. For creatives to take full advantage of the media options out there, and for media planners to channel a brand voice so that it’s heard, media and creative should come from the same strategy. It’s our experience that success follows.


GLM is a boutique media firm that offers clients and agencies a full spectrum of media expertise, specializing in both digital and offline media buying

We’re comprised of media professionals who have experience working alongside account executives and creative directors, C-suite leaders and startup founders, and virtually anyone else who has ever had an opinion about where, when, and why to place advertising. We love what we do, and we’ve worked hard to form relationships that allow us to offer our clients the most effective media placements their money can buy. 


And, our team is fully cross-trained. Simply, we don’t believe in silos where there’s a specialist for digital, another for broadcast, another for print...or, worst, a separate buying team all together! 


Proudly, we are a fully cross-trained team that develops strategy then executes (plans/buys) across all media channels and to manage all campaigns through optimizations to analysis through reconciliation. It allows us to have a more clear vision on how different media works together and a better vision of the target’s life cycle.


And, since we’re a pure-play media team we aren’t hampered by the bureaucratic red tape you’ll find in a “full-service” ad agency. We’re able to complement creative teams and inform creative strategy, because we know that synergy between media and creative always leads to better campaign results. We’re small and nimble enough to move as quickly as you have to move -- in an age in which speed to market can turn a tiny upstart into a category leader (or turn a category leader into a business school history lesson).


No silos, no separate buying teams, no outsourcing...just a fully integrated, traditional and digital team of media strategists, planners and buyers.


We work to integrate ourselves as collaborators into your team

In our experience, media teams are most valuable when they work hand-in-hand with creative (and, not secondary to creative) to identify target audiences, develop strategy, and provide tactical considerations. While we’re comfortable working in a variety of capacities depending on your specific goals, we prefer to work with your agency or in-house creative team from the early stages of campaign planning, through the optimization of in-flight creative messaging. This allows us to infuse each campaign with our collective expertise.


Meet The Management Team

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Chris Rothrock 

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Partner / President

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Debbie Simon

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Partner / SVP / Media Director

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Lauren Pappas

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Associate Media Director

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What We Do



Grounded in data and research but creative in reaching targeted and nuanced audiences. We analyze past performance, marketplace trends/forecasts, our exclusive data sets along with outside syndicated research and come up with an overarching strategic recommendation that we can then plan from. The strategies we develop serves as our north star throughout the campaign.

Media Planning

Our ultimate goal is to be media agnostic. We don’t look to squeeze your brands’ needs into a media recommendations that don’t drive results just because we have established relationships or biases. Our core competencies range across all media types and we use those skills to develop the best recommendation for you. Our team is cross trained to plan across all mediums - from programmatic digital, SEM and paid social to offline media like broadcast, out-of-home and print. When we can’t find something that fits the bill, we look to find or creative custom platforms and executions that meet our client’s needs.

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Media Buying

We are trained negotiators and are always looking to negotiate the best rates possible when buying. We pass 100% of the savings on to our clients. Along with strong negotiations, we focus on negotiating added value opportunities that best support the rest of the media recommendation. GLM Strategies is 100% transparent so you’ll know all your pass through costs and savings without having to dig for those details.


Everyone has data but very few know what to do with it. We translate data into insights and action. We are not like the old infomercial where we just “set it and forget it.”  Once your campaign is live, we are constantly monitoring it and making relevant optimizations to ensure that we are achieving your organization’s goals and your media is running as negotiated.

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Our team members have enjoyed working with Fortune 500, global higher ed institutions, federal agencies as well as national and regional healthcare systems, banks, and retail brands.

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